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about us

Rugged Grace is the modern day red dirt Johnny and June duo from Oklahoma. JD and Lexie having been playing music together for 3 years touring Oklahoma and the surrounding states. JD and Lexie met while working at a psychiatric hospital for children. They found they not only had a passion for helping sick children, but also for writing and playing music. JD and Lexie began their musical journey in front a small audience of family and friends at Eufaula Lake singing "Whenever You Come Around" by Vince Gill. There was no debate after that night if they wanted to pursue music as a career, rather than just entertaining family and friends. From there, they began writing their own music as a duo and performing them at any music venue or hole in the wall that said yes. Some of the musical influences for Rugged Grace has been Johnny and June (obviously), The Civil Wars, The Black Keys, Jerry Reed, and Waylon Jennings. They produced their first album in 2015 a self-titled EP Rugged Grace with White Rose Recording studio. Two years later, their second album Rugged Grace: Outliers was debuted. Outliers was recording at Audio Dallas with John Pedigo of The O's, the same studio Willie Nelson recorded Red-Headed Stranger. Both records can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Sound Cloud, and many other websites. Currently, Rugged Grace has a single out on the Texas charts "I Won't Go" from the Outliers album. JD and Lexie continue to write, travel, and perform as many music venues and hole in the walls as possible in pursuit of their passion for music. Be sure to check out the Concerts page to find out when they're playing in a city near you!

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